Monday, August 10, 2009

To go to Togo

Although some of you reading this probably already know a good amount about Togo, I decided I should give some basic info about the area for those who would like to know more. The flag is made up of 5 stripes of green representing agriculture and yellow symbolizing mineral wealth, and a red square with a white star which represents patriotism and Togo's independence.

Togo is situated between Ghana to the West, Benin to the East, and Burkina Faso to the North and is slightly smaller than West Virginia. The city of Kara is in the Northern part of Togo toward the Eastern border. The languages that will be spoken where I am living will be the national language of French, and the local language Kabiye.

Before Togo was independent, it was a German protectorate and then the Eastern portion (what is now modern day Togo) was ruled by France. (The western portion was ruled by Britain and became what is now Ghana.)

I will be flying into Accra, Ghana from London with Jacque and Bethany, so we should be seeing something like this as we pull in towards the airport. There we will be picked up by the missionaries and drive to Kara, Togo with them.

We will be moving into an apartment in the top floor of the school house where we will also be teaching. The downstairs has a classroom area with blackboard and a little library and the upstairs has a couple bedrooms that the three of us will be sharing :)

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