Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Honey Grove

My first stop in my journey was to see the Dandy family :) It was great to see Rebecca, Jonathan and their kids! I had fun taking silly pictures with the kids and loved the time I was able to spend with all of them! Here are some of the silliest pics with them :
Now I am at Jacque's putting last minute things in my trunks while she finishes closing her trunks from the packing craziness of last night :) We leave in an hour or so to drive to Atlanta, so we're going to be moving our trunks out to the van soon. We'll stay the night in a suburb of Atlanta and then we'll be going to the airport after Sunday dinner (or a little before).
It is so exciting and a bit nerve-racking to be this close! I am so looking forward to seeing Bethany and flying to Accra and meeting up with April and Nicole there!!!

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  1. The kids liked seeing these again. :)
    Hi Aunt Sarah. from Samuel and Genesis,
    "And we want to say I love you." Samuel