Monday, December 24, 2012

We Three Kings

My sister, Anna, is staying with me for the holidays and God has been blessing us with amazing revelation of freedom, grace and intimacy with Him... And He has just filled us up with such joy-- we can't help, but laugh much of the time. One thing that has been making us laugh-- the three kings. Anna has been crafting and made these beautiful kings.

She insisted they need cloaks still. I agree, they are going to freeze without some sort of cloak to keep them warm on their journey to Jesus. So we wrote these new lyrics to an old song:

We three kings of Orient are;
Needing cloaks, it's cold where we are,
Field and fountain, colder mountain,
Traveling oh so far.

Oh, star of wonder, star so bright,
Star that leads us through cold nights,
Westward leading, still it's freezing,
Guide us in this snow so white.

We three Kings have come all this way;
Without cloaks, what more can we say?
Frost and blizzard, froze our gizzards
May it be warm today.

Oh star of wonder, star of hope,
Lead us to some nice warm cloaks,
In our wandering, so much pondering,
Might we meet some noble folk.

We three kings in Bethlehem town;
Met the king, spare cloaks all around,
Warm with laughter, still we're after,
Where this bright star shines down.

Oh star of wonder, star of joy,
We bring with us gifts not toys,
In a manger, not a stranger,
Lord we love your perfect boy.

Merry Christmas :D

Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Blessing of a Guest :D

One of my favorite things about living in my new apartment is inviting friends over :) I love guests! They are such blessings-- My guests have faithfully brought with them joy and love blessing this cozy home :D Bethany and Hannah came from Searcy, Arkansas to visit last weekend for the beginning of Hannah's spring break. Laura and Izzy have also enjoyed the little Hug Apartment -- Izzy especially loves the toys I keep in a basket in the living room :) It was such a blessing that a box I expected to go into my parents attic was sent here just in time and there were several dolls, stuffed animals and toys to share when Izzy visited :D

I look forward to having many more visitors over throughout this year :D I've decided to keep a guest book for guests to write blessings in when they come over... I just need to remember to ask people to write something :D

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Transition and Training

So many new and exciting things in my life...

I bought a guitar and I'm learning to play :D Currently I'm getting my callouses on my fingers built up so I can actually push down the strings properly and play the easier chords. I'm super excited about getting better and getting to play actual songs :)

I signed a lease for a new apartment and I'll be moving in less than a month into my own apartment! I'm super excited because I'll get to make all the decisions about decor and most exciting probably will be to have my very own kitchen!! The big lesson I think with living by myself will be giving myself immense grace for things and not getting into perfectionist tendencies and losing out on spending time with people.

I have a new nephew!!! I still haven't been able to hold him, but I have seen pictures and he has cooed over the phone to me :) He's super cute like the rest :D

I've been learning a lot about seasons and with all that is new in my life I think I'm in a season of sowing. I'm investing in new things that aren't producing much yet but hope for something later.. Such as learning guitar-- All I'm producing are sore fingers and simple chords right now, but later if I continue to invest I'll be able to play songs and overcome other hurdles to learning guitar!