Thursday, June 11, 2009

Beginning the Journey

I am going again to Togo to teach at Kara Christian Academy, a school set up for the children of the missionaries that I previously stayed with during my internship. I am so blessed to be accompanied by two wonderful friends of mine, Bethany Cannon and Jacque Breuer! They have been such an encouragement and a joy to have around whenever I have needed them this past year. I look forward to be living with them this next year :)

Leaving the states again.. So I've been very blessed to visit many places in the last four years, mostly thanks to a semester abroad and an internship during college. I was able to see most of Europe especially the French speaking parts. I also went to Africa the summer of my sophomore year. That was life changing! Of course, anyone who goes to Africa will tell you that. So I avoided malaria, and didn't suffer too badly from traveler's diarhea-- and now that I've graduated college I'm going back! Perhaps giving myself another chance to experience a foreign disease and more importantly giving myself another chance to serve. I'm praying I won't catch anything, especially considering the number of new little holes the nurse so kindly punched into my arm today and the bruises that are now taking residence on my upper arm area. I even have an exciting new pill regimen to keep track of! Yay! Today at 4:30 I take my live Typhoid vaccine pills :)

Preparing, packing and physicians. Three of the crazy P's we must deal with as we get ready to leave. The physicians will be poking us with needles giving us medications with long lists of side effects (eeks!). We're packing away all warm clothing and jackets and coats and when we come home next year we'll open boxes for the winter and think we have twice as many Christmas presents :) Yay! Oh and the preparations? We have to get ready in so many ways, emotionally, healthwise and financially! Let us know if you're interested in helping us in any way.

We would love all your prayers as we begin this journey! Please keep our health in your prayers especially after we fly to Ghana and travel to Togo where I'll be teaching for the next year. I'll keep you updated with all of the interesting and perhaps not so interesting portions of my travels.

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