Thursday, May 31, 2007


We hiked up to the top of a mountain that overlooks Kabiyeland today. It was a hard hike, but definitely worth it. Once to the top we sat on a huge rock and sang together. It was beautiful to hear all the interns and missionaries voices harmonize with one another. The beauty of the trees and even the vibrant colors of the dirt continually surprise me. At the end of our hike we saw a chamelion which I was able to hold for a while, the Kabiye think they are poisonous, so the locals probably thought I was crazy while I helped carry it down the mountain for the missionary school :) This has truly been an amazing week, hope you all are doing well!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007


So we made it to Togo today! It was a long drive to get here and we had some car trouble... One of our vehicles lost a whole wheel with part of the axle on the way, everyone was alright but it did add several hours of culture experience to the middle of our trip. We had an opportunity to speak french with the locals about everything from politics to school.. it was amazing. They sang for us, and we sang some songs both in french and english and played clapping games with them. A few of them befriended me and gave me a blue necklace, a few of the other intern girls recieved similar gifts :) Continuing our journey with two cars instead of the three for all twelve of us was cozy and a lot of fun. Our car enjoyed playing a game of figuring who we would be if we were disney characters, vegetables or in different eras. I can't wait to see Kabiyeland in the light of the sun, it was dark when we came in so we couldn't see many of the views, but I already know it will be beautiful! It's getting late here so I better go catch up on some sleep. Hope you all are doing well! Keep us in your prayers, we'll be on a long hike tomorrow!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

In Ghana

We all arrived safely in Ghana this morning. Two of the Miller's bags didn't make it, but all of our teams bags went through :) It's pouring outside and stormy which is making it much cooler. I'm excited to be here and thankful all our flights went well! I'm tired from flying, but we're trying to stay up until a reasonable hour so we can adjust better. I will be able to call home on occassion, but because of the time difference it's only 3 right now in WA so I decided to not wake the family up. We have a nine hour drive tomorrow to Kara, Togo so keep us in your prayers. I love you all!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Packing for Togo

(The Togo Intern Team (left to right): Me, Olivia Sambursky, Bethany Yarbrough*, Angela Scott, Rachel Sawyer, Amy Wiginton, Travis Trull, Mary Margaret, Sky Vanderburg, Kacy Meadows, Lauren Greek, Alan Lee, Lacy Clayton)

*Bethany will not be going to Togo but she is going to Ghana on an independent internship at the Village of Hope.

Every time I think of the people I'll be with this summer, I smile. God has blessed our team with great leaders and team builders. I pray we continue to work well together in the next two months as we travel together. Keep us in your prayers as we meet in New York this weekend and then fly together to Accra, Ghana and then travel to Kara, Togo.

Getting everything ready to go has been difficult. God has provided the money and the resources to go and I'm getting more and more excited by the day! Thankfully I'm almost done packing and ready to go. Just a few more items to squeeze into my luggage :)

4 days and I'm in Ghana!