Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Beginning

So tonight I have completed the first portion of my journey towards my final destination of Kara. I am enjoying the free wifi at Denver International Airport. I have time to explore the airport tonight and enjoy some late night snacking at McDonalds. Perhaps the last time I'll be at one for a while. I look forward to the travels I have ahead of me with anticipation and excitement.
I wonder where the Lord will take me on this journey. I am so excited to be going back to Africa to teach in Kara :) I look forward to the experience and towards getting to know all the missionaries there even better.
I am a big fan of airplanes, they take us to our destinations with very little wait. We may have to stand in lines for a while going through tedious security, but all in all the process doesn't take very long. I can't imagine being a missionary in the days when leaving for another country meant for life. I'm not sure if I have the capacity to commit to something like that. Especially since I love being around my family, but I suppose if the Lord calls me to go, I will go.
While I was on the plane I read part of one of the books I brought along with me by Elisabeth Elliot. I have a few of her books and this one I decided might be a good read throughout the year, and perhaps some of the wisdom could highlight what the Lord has been teaching me lately. The chapters I read spoke of godly relationships and communication. I wish I was better at following some of her godly advice in my own life, but I must confess I often read a book with good wisdom and think "Wow, that is great stuff. I should do that." And way too soon I forget my intentions. This book in particular, I already read... and yet tonight while reading it, I realized how little wisdom I actually remembered and applied.
I have so much to learn.
As I waited for the flight to Denver from Portland and as I observed the people near me waiting I realized how they all wait so differently. Some just sit there staring into space, perhaps wrapped up in their thoughts. Others watch the tarmac waiting expectantly for their plane to come. While others spend their time reading a book they brought with or entertaining themselves with some work while they wait. I suppose I spent most of my time writing or people watching while I waited. It all made me think about what we all are doing as we wait on the Lord. Are we prepared for our plane to come?

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