Monday, August 24, 2009

London Airport

Here is a random picture from my drive to Atlanta :) I love the memories that came back from visiting the Arch when I was younger. I remember being in awe at how miniature the semis looked from the top of the Arch.

Currently I am sitting in the busy Heathrow Airport in London, watching all of our stuff while Bethany and Jacque both get their last Starbucks :) The wifi is working the best on my computer so I'll be sharing it when they get back. Our flight from Atlanta to London went well-- kind of hard to sleep in airplanes, but we caught a few Zs.

We had been seated all at window seats in different rows on the last flight, but since we really wanted to sit together we ended up asking three people to move for us. We were so blessed to have a girl traveling on her own agree to move as well as a couple who had been sitting on the isle to take her place and one of ours :) This cleared a whole isle, which once we occupied it with our giggles I wondered if the couple might wish they hadn't let us move into their seats... We settled down and watched one of the inflight movies and then slept the rest of the time, so perhaps they didn't regret the trade.

So far our travels have been safe :) Thank you for all of your continued prayers!

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  1. post more pics of your cross country drive :)