Sunday, November 27, 2011

With Eyes that See

I am thankful now for all I see-- for friends and for family. Where do I belong? Wherever I am. How will I be strong? The Great I am.

This thanksgiving was a huge blessing to be with my eldest brother, his wife and his mother-in-law. I helped cook the turkey, mashed potatoes, green beens and we had a marvelous feast. I felt reminded over and over of the abundance of God's provisions for me. I will never want for anything because God provides for me. The only time I will ever feel lack is when I seek provision from the wrong source. Such as happiness from a wallet or joyfulness from having a friend. Instead when my joy and happiness rest on the Father-- He never disappoints or fails me. Not that life is easy because it isn't. Life hurts sometimes and it is hard, but I learn so much from the hard days and from the pains of life. I realize what I am truly made for isn't all this.

The holidays are always rough when away from family. I remember getting physically sick when I was little when my parents left me at friends for the night. I'd always end up with an earache and fever or something... Now my heart just gets sick.

My strength and hope must be in more than relationships, friends and even family. It must be in the Lord and my hope will be on solid ground.

I am thankful that I have faith that God is mighty enough that even my lack and my failures cannot ruin the destiny and purpose He has for me. :D

Monday, November 14, 2011


Fall Creek Falls

Niki and Rich's Wedding


Mall of America

Music and Molasses Festival

Ellington Agriculture Center

Seasons come and go, but life always has its challenges :) I am so thankful for that.. especially after last weeks emanate message by Chip Judd. He spoke on being passionate for life and not settling into a slump of habit and coasting. I love the idea of how God challenges us and helps us to continue to grow throughout our lives no matter how old we are. I feel like I shouldn't struggle with coasting yet as I am still in a great part of life where there is a lot that is new and exciting... but I often find I still need to give myself a new challenge or step into a new situation or try something new. One of my current goals is to work on self discipline. I often want to be with friends or go out of the house to events, but I still need to keep things at home in order and do first things first :) Another goal is to be more positive about life and about where I am and about the struggles that come with that...

I'm excited about what is to come... The summer is long gone and autumn is ending... What will winter bring?