Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween and More

Since this was the week of Halloween we had some fun activities to celebrate the fall season :)
Here are some pictures of the older students with their faces painted...

Miss Bethany was the master artiste (red nose courtesy of Elijah Reeves).

Hannah Reeves chose two candy corn pieces.

Abby Miller had some sparkling swirls.

Maddie Kennell had a sparkly pumpkin painted on her face.

Michal Kennell decided she would color instead of having her face painted.

Elijah Reeves was the funniest clown -- he even stood on his head ;)

And Aidan Miller.. well I think the paintbrush was too sharp after Bethany finished his pumpkin .. :/

Of course, I joined in saying "Ok Bethany, do whatever you want- be creative!" This is what she came up with... Spider Woman!


  1. Love the spider! My beautiful friend! I miss you so much! ~Niki

  2. A day in the life, thanks! :) Great job Bethany. Love ya Sarah!