Monday, October 19, 2009


Today I visited a lovely little shop called Codhani to pick up a couple orders and to look around. I went with Becky Reeves, Aimee, Hannah and Maddie, while Bethany and Jacque stayed at the apartment getting some work done. We were able to visit both the part of the store where the different fabrics are dyed and sewed and the shop where they sell premade items and you can place orders for specific designs. Codhani is a specialty store with various fabric goods that are sewn and dyed by disabled workers. Although they weren’t working today we took a brief tour to look at how they make the fabrics. First they pencil in the different ideas and sketch them on the fabrics creating unique pieces or reproducing specific ordered items. Next, they place wax on the portions that will remain the background color and then they dye the fabric the second color. After all the dying has been completed they wash out the wax and dry the fabric. Last, they sew the fabric into clothing items, tablecloths, blankets, purses and many other items. One of my favorite pieces that they make at Codhani is the Africa map that I purchased as an intern in 2007. Niki Martz and I both had these Africa maps hanging in our dorm last year, so every time I see them at the store I smile thinking back on fond memories of my dorm last year :)

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  1. I think of you too when I see my map!!!!! Love you dear! This is Niki btw!