Saturday, November 7, 2009

A Day in My Life

Here are some more pictures of my day to day life here in Togo:

My bed is on the left with the green cover... (I should take a new photo since I now have pictures hung above the foot of my bed and a trunk at the head of the bed with a lamp and books. Until I post a new photo however, you will have to imagine it.)

Our Kitchen, with our little fridge where I awake to make myself a quick bowl of oatmeal most mornings :) Unless one of my kind roommates has decided to make pancakes or some other delicious morning treat! (Honestly this photo was taken a while ago, our microwave is no longer on top of the fridge and we have a seasonal tablecloth on our table now as well as a few additional pictures put up on our walls. Again I encourage the use of your imaginations!!!)

The pathway to my Kindergarten Class, I often feel as if I walk in a daze to my classroom most mornings as I go to unlock the door.

After school is over I lock up my classroom and go up to the roof to grab random laundry on a typical sunny day.

This is the view of our front gate from the roof. If you look just to the left of our gate in the street there is a burn pile that our neighbors use-- often sending smoke into our apartment. Or on occasion into our classrooms...

The typical afternoon we have a couple hours of down time after school before we all get picked up in a car like the one in the picture below.

Depending on the day we go to different families homes for dinners or other team gatherings.

This picture was taken after one of our women prayer times... Jacque had me take several photos since it looked like a car commercial... This is the SUV that can take you anywhere in the rough African terrain, even through the muddy and bumpy back roads.. Yes, even all the way to our own schoolhouse door!

Here are some fun pictures from a fun girls night at the Kennell's house:

This girls night was at the Kennell's where we celebrated Lisa's birthday and we had a makeover night. Everyone had their feet washed and Maddie and Abby gave Bethany and I makeovers :)

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