Monday, November 14, 2011


Fall Creek Falls

Niki and Rich's Wedding


Mall of America

Music and Molasses Festival

Ellington Agriculture Center

Seasons come and go, but life always has its challenges :) I am so thankful for that.. especially after last weeks emanate message by Chip Judd. He spoke on being passionate for life and not settling into a slump of habit and coasting. I love the idea of how God challenges us and helps us to continue to grow throughout our lives no matter how old we are. I feel like I shouldn't struggle with coasting yet as I am still in a great part of life where there is a lot that is new and exciting... but I often find I still need to give myself a new challenge or step into a new situation or try something new. One of my current goals is to work on self discipline. I often want to be with friends or go out of the house to events, but I still need to keep things at home in order and do first things first :) Another goal is to be more positive about life and about where I am and about the struggles that come with that...

I'm excited about what is to come... The summer is long gone and autumn is ending... What will winter bring?

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