Friday, April 8, 2011

Fly Away

Somedays I repeat one of the last things I remember my grandma saying to me "I just want to fly". I sometimes think I wish for it too... Then I realize I'm not ready for that just yet- at least not in the way she meant it. I have to live out my dreams, chase after the wind to find the sunlight and discover there are too many mysteries in life to ever have all the answers.

This week I was blessed to be able to visit my sister, Cecelia. She shared with me the secret of but to be honest, I still prefer my paper journal-- but now I feel challenged to put something on there each night to earn the badges. What is it with the secret of the amazing amount of motivation we all get from gold stars?

Last night, I went through Celia's house with her... and I discovered several treasures I get to bring home with me :) Yippee! She is so generous, plus she is moving so it's a win win kind of situation anyways. She was able to pack up some of her things to be used at my house so she doesn't have to haul it all in her cross country move in a few months.

Currently her cat, Ninja Kitty, is curling up beside me and purring... Haha. Such a funny cat, I guess she's decided she likes me despite the fact we both ignored each other all yesterday. I'm secretly glad (I guess not such a big secret ;) ) that I only have an avocado plant at home.. and no animals. Pets are expensive! At least for me right now..

I wonder sometimes at how it came to be that I am where I am today. I have been blessed to go many places and I still run off in the chances I get for some sort of exploration. If only I'd been born before so I could be one in the number of those who travelled across the seas from England to give life a try on American soil.. or in the times of the Oregon trail and walked those dusty paths and bumpy roads all the way to the beautiful Northwest. I wasn't born in those times though... I was born in 1987. This is a different kind of world to discover. Amongst the pavement, pruned paths and manicured meadows sometimes it is hard to feel as if there is anything left to discover.

Today, I'm going to go discover the old cemetery at the entrance of Celia's apartments. It has a crazy lure about it.. it looks as if no one ever even thinks about it.. I wonder what I will find?

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  1. I feel the need to post ninja kitty's real name: Sweet Pea. But I should be glad you didn't use the other name you call her. So glad you came to visit.