Monday, January 24, 2011

Free Desk

This weekend I was perusing around on craigslist and found a desk in the free items! I decided to give it a go and try to salvage this desk that looked really beat up. Once I picked it up off the curb and took it into my room I soon began to realize a peculiar odor coming from the desk. I decided some cleaning was in order so I began by wiping down the entire desk with rags and vinegar water. That accomplished getting most of the grime off. Next, Julia went to the store to grab a few more cleaning items so our cleaning frenzy could get some more intense cleaning done. Now, this free desk has gone through clorox wipes, febreeze, baking soda, pledge and several other regimens to restore the desk to a proper smell. Now with all the chemical canvasing I'm pretty sure I still smell something odd. I figure this was a free desk so if all else fails it can be chopped up and thrown into the dumpster-- which at the mention of this Bethany started getting excited and making party plans for all our friends to gather to destroy this antique. I am however up to putting some more work into the desk if anyone has any ideas to help clean the desk.

I'm happy to be back in Nashville and I'm ready for spring! You can see in the top photo of my desk my avocado seed that has rooted and is starting to sprout :)

I really enjoyed my trip to the Northwest seeing family and enjoying many fun activities :) This is a picture taken at the Oregon Zoo with my fellow Tennessean sister :D I love that we both live in this beautiful state-- and hopefully I'll be able to make a road trip to go visit her soon!


  1. I think that sometimes with old pieces the only thing you can do to really get rid of the smell is to refinish them, either by painting them, or staining and putting a couple layers of poly on them. :) Good luck

  2. So, your avocado plant has good prospects since both Celia and I were involved with it. I ate it, Celia started it. Right? or is this a different avocado? We both had a hand in starting Mom's huge avocado tree. :)We make a great team! avocado avocado avocado, starting to sound funny. Time for bed. :)