Wednesday, October 6, 2010

First Day of School!

Backpack on, new pencils sitting neatly in the small pocket next to my calculator, and a big textbook and binder neatly arranged in my bag, while I drive to a school I have never before laid eyes on in my life (not counting google maps images- thanks google, you helped me not get lost).

Entering the campus, I realized the big responsibility of what I have just done. After graduating, completing all the college courses I thought I'd ever take, I signed up for a class.. not just any class, but one that will take me on a journey to a big test-- err, an enormous exam (hehe yay alliteration!)-- which will determine whether or not I can pursue a career that would utilize my mathematics background. I am excited, nervous, and a bit intimidated by this decision, but ready for the challenge. The career? Actuary. The test? Exam P/1. Yeah. What's that? Well, an actuary is someone who works for companies, often insurance companies, and calculates risk. That's the short of it. Why am I going through all of this just to do something that "sounds boring" (as I've heard it said from those I've told)? Well, I don't think it's boring at all... I actually am looking forward to taking the math I have learned and finding new ways to apply it and expanding upon all the building blocks to contribute to society. I also am very interested in finding new ways to use skills as an actuary in unorthodox contexts (we'll see what I discover).

What if I fail? If I fail, I know that through that God will be teaching me more about myself, humbling me and shaping me through the entire experience. Until the test though, I shall not think of that, but instead work through all of the materials I have at hand to study and attempt to succeed :) So far, I have attended my first class and I am in the midst of reviewing through the 5 sections of the text that I need to have done for next Tuesday...

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