Friday, October 29, 2010

A few photos from my time so far in Nashville... there is a great lack since I have no camera of my own, but I plan on finding time to capture the leaves before they are all gone :)

Mom and Dad came through Nashville right before Bethany and I moved into our apartment together. We all went to Belle Meade plantation together, walked through the yards and had a tour through the main house-- educational and fun! Of course Bethany and I took photos with the random cut out boards set up :D

One of my favorite things about living here so far is.... Les trois filles, Bethany, Jacque and I, are reunited and every thursday morning we have breakfast together :) Lately, we've been skyping with the missionaries in Togo after we eat! So incredible that we are blessed with the ability to skype them from here!

Well, that is all I have time to share for now... I have to get back to my studying!

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