Thursday, September 2, 2010

Life in Nashville

I have been in Nashville for a week this Friday (which excludes the weekend I visited Cecelia). I have had so much to think about and grow through especially in these first days here. First of all, most of my time is spent searching... for jobs, apartments, friends, churches...

The exciting news is when I find things :) Including myself whenever I get lost in the city! Haha! Thanks to Paul I have a GPS that helps that not to happen (or when it does I hear a friendly voice saying "recalculating"). Bethany and I found an apartment quickly and we will be moving in on the 11th of September! Which I am very excited about-- however, I still need to find a job. So I have been diligently working at that and praying that God places me in the right place so I can grow through the experience and be able to contribute well to my job and coworkers. Finding friends hasn't been too difficult when I allow myself to have a break :) Although I still haven't seen all my friends who live in Nashville, I know I will get to see them soon enough and I will make a few new ones as well-- Which is an exciting and fun part of meeting new people :) A very important part of adjusting to life here will be finding a church family to connect with. So many decisions and "growing experiences" surround me here, but I am happy with all of them because they force me to learn and grow.

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