Thursday, April 22, 2010

Last Days

I feel as if I can't write anything worth writing. Perhaps it is because I am filled with so many emotions. We are packing up and out of the schoolhouse, school is done for the year, and we are finishing up our time in Africa. I look forward to being back in the states, but I know I will miss so much about the community here.. so it is extremely hard to put words to my emotional state currently.

As I sit here, I have been making sure I have souvenirs I need for gifts and watching Jacque figure out the sorting of items to pack. I am thankful that I am packed for the most part-- I only need to reorganize a bit of my items so I will be able to add a couple items from Accra without my baggage going overweight.

It is so fascinating to me how different people react to the stressors of transition and packing for travel. I think it's funny how stressed I usually am about packing and getting everything I need into my bags and procrastinating about it, but here I've finished packing away everything I'm bringing back to the states... and I have a week to reorganize and repack and figure out exactly which bags I'll need in London, and perhaps even organize well enough to not have to repack for Searcy..

Well, I'm gonna go see if I can organize my baggage so it's practically perfect in every way :)


  1. Packing is my worst enemy. :) I'm good about having the items necessary for the trip or move (you should see the pile of boxes in my living room in anticipation for our move this summer) but when it comes down to the actual packing... I'm glad you are so prepared. Can't wait to see you.

  2. Hey! This is Rachel Moran.
    Hang in there. I'm so excited about seeing you again!!! And so is Mrs. Hug. She talks about you alot in lab.
    Enjoy your last few days. I'll see you next week!!