Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

Easter weekend when I was younger meant wearing a cute dress my mother had sewn and white dress shoes to church and sitting in the pew with my family listening to a reading of the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ. This easter weekend was so different and that little girl would have never imagined herself so far from what she had considered her home.

After school Saturday, I enjoyed a lovely dinner with the Miller family and my fellow teachers, with chocolate covered marshmallow bunnies (products of South Africa) for dessert :) That night Bethany and I headed back to the schoolhouse while Jacque went over to the Kennell's house for the night. When we arrived at the schoolhouse we were happy to find that our electricity was working better than ever downstairs with a light on our porch to happily greet us! It was so exciting and we were getting ready to
head upstairs and tackle our task of preparing a cake for our dessert for the potluck on Sunday afternoon. While we mixed away and lighted our gas oven, the electricity went off-- rather normal occurrence so we didn't think much of it and figured it would turn back on by the time we had finished our baking.

Well, as we mixed and baked... and hard boiled some white eggs to dye later.. it still hadn't came back on. So since both of us had wanted to spend a night on the roof before we left, we decided this was a perfect time to try it out! We went to the roof to enjoy the cool for a while after having baked away in our little hot kitchen and decided we should attempt to carry up Bethany's mattress and sleep up there. The experime
nt worked out and with a little bit of thought through maneuvering we managed to lift the mattress up to the roof. We fell asleep watching the stars twinkle, with the moon as our nightlight and with an occasional bird landing on a nearby rail.

We woke up the next morning to the sounds of the birds, the nearby main street and a nearby church service with loud speakers. We woke up early to go out to the village for the all church retreat, which was such a treat! I love to listen to the Kabiye worship and I took some video to remember and share.

After cleaning up a bit, we went to the Easter service at the Kennell's and enjoyed watching a presentation on the porch by all of our KCA students along with their friend Joshua Shanks, who is reading his scripture portion in this photo. The presentation included scripture readings and songs, my favorite probably would have to be He is the King of Kings, in which each child had their own word in the lyrics to hold up at the appropriate times :) So much fun! I could tell the kids really enjoyed that particular one as well.

After the presentation, we had an easter egg hunt around the house... eggs were hiding everywhere from under plants, in trees, around the trampoline, to inside a rain spout. The hunt began with the youngest two, Caleb and Anna, carrying their baskets and searching for the eggs full of treasures before the older and more experienced egg hunting herd was let loose.

After the hunt, Jacque, Bethany and I took some easter roommate pictures together on the tire swing and the trampoline... So hilarious! I don't have the photos on my camera, but I'll share them as soon as I have them. All in all it was a great weekend and I'm ready to take Monday off after all the excitement!

Happy Easter Everyone! I hope you all had a beautiful day full of family, friends and fun :)

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