Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sarakawa Safari

So in amongst getting lesson plans done and living without internet for a weekend... we went on Safari with Brett Emerson and saw Zebras and monkeys :) Really close up. So exciting! This is one of my pictures! It is such an experience living somewhere where you can walk out your door and see lizards and geckos that would be on some special exhibit in a zoo... or go on safari 30 minutes from your house.

This is the third week of school and the boys have been so much fun! They get really excited when they figure out how to spell a new word or just in sharing stories with me. I really enjoy teaching and I am so excited to progress with all that the students are learning, I hope they look forward to what they are going to learn this year :)


  1. I felt a little envious of your safari...so I downloaded the photo as my desktop. :)

  2. Oh, fun, I just copied Celia!!! Pretty cool to be copied by big sis, right? :) Now when I see the lovely zebras I can think of you. The kids will love them.

  3. Wow that is amazing! I hope I get to do that one day!