Sunday, September 6, 2009

BBQs and Friends

Yesterday we went to a BBQ with another missionary team at Jimmy White's house. His house was a great spot to have a get together with everyone. The gathering included the Hangens, the Emersons, the Kennells, the Huffs, the Shanks and the teachers :) We had a great assortment of American treats that each family had brought for desserts, it was fun! We brought Bethany's chocolate chip spice bars for our contribution to the desserts, and corn for a side dish.

Today has been an eventful day, currently we are at the Emerson's for dinner after team devo. I woke up this morning and Bethany trimmed my hair, and then a couple men, Joseph and KouKou, showed up at the house to see my classroom and to talk about painting it :) I am really excited about that.. hopefully it is all dry by the time classes need to begin. The class was overlooked when they painted the main building so now they are going to paint it on Monday morning 8/9 am ish.

Jacque, Bethany and I walked to the Emerson's this afternoon early so we would be able to get some internet time before afternoon church :) I was able to catch my mom and dad and get to skype with them which was really awesome! I'm posting this picture of me by request from Cecelia, who says I don't post enough pictures of myself... and also for Mom and Dad. It seems a bit blurry... I think that is from the humidity.

Although planning curriculum and arranging things in my classroom has been taking up a good bit of time throughout each day, I have had opportunity to read more which has been fabulous. I like to take a bit of time before sleeping to read and journal, currently I am reading John Adams, which I borrowed from Jimmy, and I just finished reading I Kissed Dating Goodbye, which Jacque brought.

It is preparing to storm outside right now so the wind is blowing strong, which makes it feel much cooler. I love how powerful the storms are here, the only downside is that it is usually accompanied with bouts of no electricity... which means no internet, and no fans. The electricity is flickering on and off, so I'm going to post now and see if it works :)


  1. Thanks for the photo! :) Mom told me she had Skyped with you. Such a blessing that we have all been catching you online at the right times. Have a great week, I'll see ya soon!

  2. thanks for the update. i keep praying for you. hopefully i catch you online soon. i miss you :)