Saturday, September 12, 2009

First Day!

So Today I had my first day of classes with the older groups teaching french. It was an interesting learning experience. I found out about where they were with their french and more about their learning styles. It was great to see all of my students and I am super excited for kindergarten to start on Tuesday and excited to show the older kids how fun french can be :)
Hopefully, I can at least have fun in the meantime while they are being convinced... honestly today I had a blast working with the older girls on a few things with pronunciation and counting. I think I'm going to make out a sheet of vocabulary they should work on at this point. I also have curriculums to work from, which I think I will begin to go through this next week adding homework and activities to make it fun and a positive experience.
Kindergarten will be fun, I need to make sure I have a nailed down schedule to start off and create a good routine so we can get the learning and work done while still having the time for fun! We had a wonderful processing discussion with Mark after our first day of teaching and it makes me excited for the next week of teaching and getting into the groove. I love my classroom more and more each day... I'm in the process of finishing simple decor and posting rules and things are more organized... I'm thinking of moving all my french teaching supplies to a room upstairs for me to access during lunch before my french classes and when I lesson plan. That way it won't be there getting mixed up with all the kindergarten curriculum.
Living here is so amazingly beautiful. Before my classes today I was able to just walk out my classroom and see the hills in the distance and I just savored that moment. It reminded me of the day I took the photo above on our roof. I just love how life just moves along here just like anywhere else. I love you all and miss you! I have been learning so much about myself here and about communication of all things.. Learning and growing really never leave you. Which I am very thankful for :)

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