Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Museums and Treasures!

These were some kingly treasures... we saw these at Palais du Tau, which is conveniently located next to the cathedrale and contains not only treasures of the king, but also the original statues from the cathedrale.

So we went to Brussels and saw the Real Marat by David :) So cool, to see it up so close and read the letter stained with blood. Anyways, this museum was really cool, with statues by Rodin and other neat treasures.

Brussels was really beautiful as well, the architecture of the buildings was gorgeous... even as the wind blew cold and sharp as we walked around the town.

... and then beautiful Liege with an amazing cathedral.. and an even more amazing church of Christ that we visited :)

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  1. Your pictures are great...
    You will keep these memories all your life. Now that I don't travel much I depend on my memorys to sustain me...
    Thanks, Grandma