Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Photos Galore!

So I have some old and new photos and stories to share :)

Skiing in the alps... with all our gear, ready to hit the slopes :)

These were some beautiful swans that we fed while we were in Geneva.

And here are some sights from our short stop in Dijon... The home of mustard and spice breads :)

We stopped in a park in Dijon and had a couple chances to speak with local younger people about their town.

Back in Reims, we saw the factory for Fossier cookies! They were made for kings back in the day... actually in this picture is a certificate from the royal family...

And we have been enjoying nicer weather... one day it wasn't only sunny it was nice enough outside to not wear our pea coats :)

1 comment:

  1. Fun to visit with the "locals", I noticed they were young men !!!
    Lots of sights to see and good weather helps. Love, Grandma