Sunday, March 16, 2008

Nature, Art and War

So we have ventured to various places these last few weeks admiring art and nature.. and even government... Here are a few highlights:

This was taken during an exploration of a park in Reims after school :) Jennifer Grimm and I found a playground, gazebo and even a few friendly ducks!

The group went to Le Musee de la Reddition and learned how close we live to the ending of WWII! There were parades right off our street and the papers to end the war were signed just down the road! The room where they sat to sign the papers is covered in maps and charts and has a plastic bubble for visitors to come into the historical room without aging it more.

We went to see Laon, which is a beautiful city on a hill... it was amazing just walking around the cobblestone streets, there weren't many tourists, it is one of the undiscovered treasures of France I think :)

We also enjoyed Strasbourg, the Venice of France with it's beautiful willows, water and architecture. While there we also enjoyed a tour of the European Union and saw several speeches on various issues, from the Israeli- Palestinian conflict to Yorkshire being the official home of Rhubarb...

A small group of us including JoAnna, Andi, John, Jennifer and I all went to Normandy for a two day weekend. It was amazing walking on Omaha beach and seeing Pointe du Hoc.

After a lovely evening at a hostel we were given a ride right to Mont St Michel. It was beautiful... and a lot of exercise.. we climbed up and down and explored all around the little island all day. We especially enjoyed a Saturday Afternoon mass with the beautiful voices of the nuns and the monks in a little chapel under the cathedral.

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  1. Beautiful! The video was awesome. My aside to Sarah while watching it: 'that's my sister for you, getting the architecture too'. :) Love you!!!