Friday, June 8, 2007


This above picture is of some of the children who played with us after we had car trouble heading to Kara. They asked Mary Margaret to take a picture of them with me, there were so many crowding around that not all of them would fit in the picture :)

This picture is of the first church we visited in Lassa tchou, it was cool to see how they involved all ages in the service. The speaker even stopped at one point to question the younger ones to see if they understood the lesson.


  1. Sarah! This whole trip sounds amazing so far and you guys have an awesome team! I love that first picture. Keep doing God's amazing work and I'm so glad you're getting to use your French. Je t'aime!!

    ~Stephanie Frazier

  2. You look marvelous. I am glad that you have begun work in a location where everyone is included. I hope your work continues to bless you and encourage you in the LORD. May you touch the hearts of those around you and keep smiling :) we miss you here :)

  3. Hi SARAH!
    I just found your blog! I know you are having an incredible experience in Togo. Ready your blog makes me miss being in Africa. Enjoy your time there and tell everyone I said "Hi!"