Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Cultural Observation

I went to the market again today, but this time it wasn't to look for material or food.. instead it was a time to watch and sit and learn. I sat with a woman named Benedictine also called Eso Wazim "God bless me" in Kabiye and I watched as she worked her booth of clothing in the market. As I sat there I noticed so many people would stare as they passed, but I just enjoyed myself trying to learn new vocabulary and to just see how her life was. It was very interesting to see how she as a mother worked at selling pants all day. She not only had the job of actually making the sales, she had to advertise her products and change money... all while her son whose name translated means "winner" slept or ate the food she purchased for him. I have so much respect for how much energy she had to put out in the few hours I observed her... She was really an amazing woman, another thing that impressed me was how she spoke Kabiye, French and a bit of English... I taught her a few words as she asked and she helped me learn a few as well. It really made me more excited about the weekend of "Bonding" coming up where I will spend three days in Ewede a village near Kara. I've been to the area and I'm excited to meet the people and hopefully be able to learn more and find a better appreciation for their culture and lifestyles.


  1. Wow, that sounds like an amazing experience! I love you and you are in my prayers.

  2. I MISS YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!

    please stay safe.