Tuesday, May 29, 2007

In Ghana

We all arrived safely in Ghana this morning. Two of the Miller's bags didn't make it, but all of our teams bags went through :) It's pouring outside and stormy which is making it much cooler. I'm excited to be here and thankful all our flights went well! I'm tired from flying, but we're trying to stay up until a reasonable hour so we can adjust better. I will be able to call home on occassion, but because of the time difference it's only 3 right now in WA so I decided to not wake the family up. We have a nine hour drive tomorrow to Kara, Togo so keep us in your prayers. I love you all!


  1. Aunt Sarah, I hope you feel better when you come back home on the plane. I love you Aunt Sarah and I hope you like the picture I sent you. I hope it feels great outside where you are. Love, Noah
    Dear Aunt Sarah, I hope it feels great outside. Love, Megan
    We watched your flight across the Atlantic. May the Lord bless and keep each one of you. Love, Mom

  2. I'm praying for your drive. I love you and I miss you like crazy already.

  3. i love you and miss you. i'm sending this message from your laptop. figured out where it was hiding. and have found the pics.
    be safe!
    lots of love!!!!!!