Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Walking in a Dusty Winterland

Sitope, Michal and I after helping decorate the Kennel's Christmas Tree :)

A lovely Togo Christmas Carol for all of you to the tune of Winter Wonderland:

Dusty Winterland

Motos honk are you list’ning

In the lane, dust is glistening

We sing a love song in the African sun,

Walking in a Dusty Winterland

In the kitchen we will do some baking

And we’ll make our own great food from scratch

Next we’ll do some shopping in the market

In French we will negotiate the cash

Later on we’ll perspire

As we dream by the fire

To face unafraid the plans that we made

Walking in a Dusty Winterland


  1. Hilarious! Sounds like a fun filled week. Love you.

  2. Love this version of the song. Miss you tons. Can't wait until you get home!!!