Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Independence Day!

These last few weeks have been filled with a lot of activity! Including a birthday party for Samuel :) The kids, with some help from Mom and their aunt, made this mural of blue and green. Rebecca put the letters together and I traced and cut out the triceratops. Then we enjoyed a fun dinosaur party with a few of Sam's friends and cousins over!

I found this Jar filled with paper on the counter after the family left for the weekend, apparently Samuel is into canning :) This weekend I stayed here in Kansas City while Rebecca and Jonathan and kids drove down to Arkansas. It has been a fun weekend and I've been quasi-adopted by the Collier family :) Friday Mrs Collier called and offered to drive me to the church ice cream social. So I went with them and was able to explore one of the coolest backyards in America. The social was at the Mancers where they have the neatest tree ship with several different ladders, ropes, and walls to climb up to get to the main deck of the ship. Of course I enjoyed climbing up and taking a turn at the helm :)

Tonight I'll be going to a pre-fireworks concert and fireworks show with the Colliers! I'm excited to enjoy a night in celebration of our freedom :) Happy Fourth everyone!!!

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  1. Glad you're doing well, Sarah! Miss you and pray that things continue to go well!