Thursday, January 31, 2008

Bonjour tout le monde!

I flew all the way from Portland to Paris with Anna and we made it safe and sound despite some scary mechanical failures and turbulence. The whole group however, did not enjoy the same success... they were stuck in the US in various parts overnight and just arrived this afternoon :)

Here are the six who made it :)

I'm here in Reims and it is beautiful... Last night I fell asleep from exhaustion way early and barely ate my dinner that I bought with JoAnna from the local store. We also picked up a fresh baguette from a patisserie down the street. This afternoon we showed the rest of the group around a bit and it is fun to finally have us with us! It is great to have everyone here now and it is funny to hear all of the loud American voices while everyone here is much quieter than us!

Here is our beautiful room :)

Anyways, we all live in beautiful flats here and they look like little furnished apartments in Ikea.. minus all the cool knickknacks. JoAnna and I are roommates which is great because we can share our clothes :) We actually finally moved into our permanent apartment this morning because it wasn't available yesterday... so last night we had a larger room with a nicer view :) I'm so happy to be here and excited to explore and enjoy the different environment!


  1. Sarah, I am so glad you made it and are rooming with Joanna. I hope you have a wonderful time. I miss you and am glad to have gotten to speak with you the other day. It is snowing here now:) We are having snow, rain, sleet, thunder and lightning all at once, it is really weird. I got to go home early, yeah!!!!!! I do hope to see more about your trip, we are praying for all of you :) this is actually from amber :)

  2. I'm so glad that you got there alright! Your room looks comfy. And I like your bedding accessories. :)

  3. I miss you, Sarah! But I know you're having such a great time. UPLOAD SOME FACEBOOK PICTURES!!